Prescott Great Fun And Living – Inexpensive Homes

Prescott Great Fun And Living – Inexpensive Homes

A lot of people like to retire in areas where real estate is lower cost. They want a place they can enjoy but need to get in on the game at a price that matches their new lower income levels. The opportunities used to be abundant and everywhere in Arizona and it’s still cheaper than say California, but the major popular real estate markets in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson and even Scottsdale or Mesa are fast catching up with their expensive sister markets in coastal states and large metro markets. There are a few better kept secrets in Arizona homes. One of them is Prescott AZ real estate. Here, not only are many homes substantially less expensive than in Phoenix or Tucson but the weather is a pleasant surprise. At the 5,000 ft. or mile high level, elevation keeps it cool in the summer. 70s and 80s thank you. Winters are also quite mild. A little snow, some chilly weather but it’s not Colorado. It’s actually just a tiny bit further north than Los Angeles.

Map of Prescott v LA and ABQ

Homes are delightful and there’s lots to do both in town and out in the parks and beyond.

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